Sunday, March 3, 2013

Question and Discussion Flat Wake

Assalamualaikum sharematika friends.This Blog that discuss math at the Elementary, Junior High, High School, and College.This time, I post about questions and discusstions flat wake. Consider the questions and discussions below :

Questions and discussions flat wake number one.
A child raising a kite with string leght 13 metres.  If distance of children right under kite is 15 metres. How hight the kite?

AC is lengthy string a kite.
BC is distance child right under kite.
AB is high kite.

Unknown : AC = 13 m
                   BC = 5   m
Asked : AB = ..... ?

Answer :

So, high the kite is 12 metres.

Questions and Discussions flat wake number two.

A ship sailing north so far as 12 metres, then toward east so far as 5 metres. Count distance ship now from the original! 

So distance shif from original place is 13 metres.

Questions and Discussions Flat wake number three.

Mr. Irfan want prop tree located in garden with piece a wood. If  peak wood distance 3 metres from tree and long wooden used is 5 metres. Specify higher parts of the tree  proped the wood!


So, Higher parts of the tree the tropped of wood is 4 metres.

So many of our lessons, maybe useful. if you have questions about this lessons or Math lesson in Elementary, Junior School, And High School can be asked here.
Wassalamualaikum Wr.wb.