Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Understanding of Logarithms

Understanding Logarithmic. Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb friend sharematika all, meet again with this very simple blog that discusses all matter of mathematics in elementary, junior high, high school, and at university. This time it will discuss the matter LOGARITHMS. Among Understanding Logarithmic Functions, Equations Logarithms and Logarithmic Inequality and logarithm problems. Before we discuss the logarithm Such materials would be helpful to read the first prayer that what we learn in the world and the Hereafter useful. Happy Learning!

The logarithm function is a function of the independent variables in the form of logarithmic forms. The logarithm function is the inverse of the exponential function.

Equality between the properties of logarithms and exponents


Properties of equality can describe the graph of the function a log x = y as a result of reflection about the line y = x of the graph exponent function y = a (rank) x.
Or logarithmic relationship with the exponent can be written as follows:
With, a is called prime number
               b is called Numerus
               x is called the logarithm results
The form x = a log b reads: x is the logarithm of b with a prime number. Logarithm of the prime number 10 is written log only. example: 10 log 8 written log 8.
As for the form of logarithms to simplify simplify the formulas are, and here is the formula to simplify the logarithmic form:
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